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 Fennwoode was awarded The Top Rated Award by for 2013 and 2014.  This award is given to recognize properties with outstanding resident satisfaction.  Only 7% of properties nationally are qualified for award consideration.


POOL IS OPEN for the seaon!

Our Fennwoode Pool

Our Fennwoode pool has a salt water chlorine generator installed to produce natural chlorine as opposed to traditional tablet, granule or liquid chlorine. A salt chlorine generator processes water that has had table salt added to it and uses the salt to produce chlorine that is eco-friendly and safe for bathers. The pool water will feel silkier, smoother and better on your skin. Using an alternative sanitizer is better on the environment because of the reduced use of chemicals. 
The bathrooms in the pool house cabana have been renovated. New sinks, toilets and grab bars were installed.
Each day of the summer season the pool water is tested. It is a Town of Newington Health Code requirement that we test the PH levels. Our maintenance staff takes a sample seven days a week to test the chlorine levels, hardness of the water, the alkalinity and keep a daily log of these test results. This is to ensure that our pool is clean and safe for your enjoyment.

Energy Savings

10% of the apartments at Fennwoode have been tested and serviced to provide air-sealing and energy reductions that will result in significant savings for you. These 10 % gave Home Energy Solutions the information as to where the air leaks and the scope of work that needed to be done.  It is estimated that there will be an expected savings of $164.00 per year, per apartment. Home Energy Solutions caulks or foam fills any air leakage areas, provides low flow kitchen faucets with a spray or single stream nozzle, energy star light bulbs and weather stripping. All of this is free to you. This service will save money and help our environment! A two person crew from Home Energy Solutions and one of the Fennwoode staff visited every apartment to provide all of these free energy saving services.  We wish to thank everyone for their cooperation.