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To be the premier rental community in the Hartford area by providing “Ritz Carleton” customer service, and desirable amenities, at fair market rates, in an impeccably maintained setting.

Our primary values directing our success:

Integrity:  is the foundation of every relationship whether it’s with our clients, residents, colleagues, or trade partners.  For Fennwoode, integrity means acting responsibly, professionally, honestly, fairly on both the individual and team level.  We must always be guided by what is ethical and right.  We respect the privacy of our residents and perform to achieve their admiration. 

Enthusiasm:  we are enthusiastic about our common goals of delivering superior customer service to our residents.  We have a “can do” attitude and passionately believe in making possibilities a reality.  We believe in Fennwoode’s potential, and want to be a major part of maximizing that potential.  We are determined to set our company apart from all others.

Commitment:  We listen to what our clients & residents tell us, respond rapidly by delivering unparalleled customer service exceeding their expectations of quality, value and level of detail. 

Excellence:  is critical in building an enduring organization.  At Fennwoode, we deliver on our commitments, constantly innovate and strive to be top leading performers and professionals.  To achieve top performance, we educate ourselves by attending seminars, OSHA classes, Lead certification classes, First Aid and CPR certification classes.