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More about Fennwoode....

Fennwoode consists of eleven two-story buildings located on seventeen acres of private land. Six of the eleven buildings have garages.

If you would like to rent a garage, you may do so on “a month to month basis”. However, during the high demand winter months we cannot always accommodate everyone. Those who rent on an annual basis get first choice. We always try to give you a garage as close to your apartment as possible.

There is a $50.00 deposit for the garage remote and a $60.00 deposit for the garage. The monthly fee for garages is $60.00.

Our pool is a 20 x 60 in-ground pool and is open from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day. We try to keep it open longer if the weather permits. The pool water is tested daily by staff, as per the Town of Newington Health Department. We test for the PH levels, chlorine levels, hardness of the water and alkalinity. This is to ensure that the pool is a safe environment for all swimmers. Our Pool House Cabana has rest rooms, showers and saunas for your use.

The tennis court is lighted so that you may play tennis until 10:00 pm. Both the pool and the tennis court require a key for entry. There is a $20.00 deposit for this key. We return your deposit when you return the key.

Laundry rooms are located in the lower level of every building. The laundry rooms have two commercial size washers and two commercial size dryers. The cost for a load of wash is $1.60. The charge for drying a load of clothes is $1.60. The machines operate from a laundry card. No need for quarters! The laundry card may be purchased from the MacGray laundry machine located in the lobby of building 11. The cost for the laundry card is $2.00. The laundry rooms, lobbies and hallways are cleaned by our staff.

Our pet policy is indoor cats only. $25.00 per month for one cat and $35.00 per month for two.

Fennwoode would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.